Why You Should Vote For Your County Sheriff

A great many people in the United States make it a point to vote in the presidential elections every four years.

Not quite as many people, however, vote in local elections, but they definitely should.

Sure, local elections might not be as large-scale as presidential elections, but they can make a big difference, especially when it comes to who is elected as sheriff. There are many reasons you should vote for the county sheriff of your choosing in the next local election.

The Sheriff Has Power Over The County Jail

Have you or a loved one ever been sent to the county jail? Perhaps, while there, you didn't like the food you were served, the way you were treated, or something else about the jail system.

Maybe you've never even set foot inside the jail yourself, but you've heard horror stories about its condition or about how inmates are treated.

Whatever the case may be, county jails are controlled, in large part, by the county sheriff. So, if you care about the condition, upkeep, and policies of your local jail, it's up to you to vote for a sheriff who holds your same standards and values.

The Sheriff Plays A Role In State Policies

When you think of state policy, you probably don't think of your sheriff making the rules.

And, while it's true that the sheriff isn't totally in charge of state policies, this individual does play a role in determining and influencing them. The sheriff, just like all elected officials, has a voice and a position of power.

When you vote, consider what laws and policies different sheriff candidates are for or against. And, if you choose not to vote, then understand that you're choosing not to have a say in a leader who could potentially impact the laws and rules you must abide by all the way up to the state level.

The Sheriff Can Offer Options

Another reason to get out there and cast a vote for your local sheriff is because the sheriff is the one who determines when to be lenient to criminals and when to be harsh.

Some sheriffs, for example, will insist that all drug offenders do jail time. Others, however, will ask for second chances for offenders in the form of help and treatment.

The bottom line is that different sheriffs have different views, and it's up to you to choose the candidate who sees things the way you do and who will make your community a better place. Of course, you can't play a role in any of that if you're not doing your part by voting in local elections.

For more information about county sheriff elections, contact a candidate like Carmine Marceno.